2016-02-27 Verdun, France


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1st Euro RTE will be held in Verdun sur Meuse at the PorteChaussee N49 09.718 E 5 23.196

Hotel: Ibis Budget Rue Fernand Braudel this mom rooms are 51 Euro with safe parking.it's 3 km from center of town but restaurant almost next door Dragon dÓr has reasonable reputation
Hotel coords N49 08.871 E 5 24.527

Be there or be square!
1 Phil Weston
2 Mike Strong
3 Michiel Kerkhof
4 Graeme Dawson
5 Sally Dawson
6 Iain Ross
7 Gordon Sears
8 Mike Hills
9 Jonathan Baker
10 Barry Coleman
11/12 Thomas/Katharina Bode
13 Dave Craddock
14 Ziggy
15 Gerhard M Kruger
16 David Clarke
17 Werner
18 Doris
19 John Cunniffe
20/21 Marc + Aulany Heelsbergen
22/23 Rainer/Heike Killian
24 Martin Buck
25 Rob Hook
26 Neil Smith
27 Ricky Norman
28 Martin Grafton
29 Steve Westall
30 Philip Parein
31 Roberto Hutzmandl
32 Bob Stammers
33 Pascal Bourdon

The old forum thread for this RTE is here.
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FazerPhil said:
Michiel thanks so its all castles in 2016.

This one is close enough for anyone who does not regularly ride in Europe to give it a go.

If you are a regular Iron Butt rider and looking to ride elsewhere rather than around and round the UK why not give the European Ride to Eats (ERTE" a go.

I'll start a list
1 "FazerPhil" Weston
Slow Poke said:
Chunnel - Done

Hotel - done

I ain't square!!

Now do I try this on the old Virago?????

If it's castles Carcassonne is fantastic.
Michiel Kerhof said:
Phil you can put me on the list 2....forgot to add that to my
mail!! oeps....Mike I know Carcassonne is great but we do
only 1 in each country we pick a year and the february 1 is
close to...at least fairly close to most of us....and most
likely on OK roads to get to this time of the year....All
cities/castles for 16 have been picked the other rides to
follow due course of the week...
Slow Poke said:

Ok only saying like......
Graemeandsally said:
Put us both down looking forward with this one falling right for us
ScooterBoy said:
Always good.to have a reason to get out of bed in the New Year...put my name down on the list. Will be there at 13:59 local time,.so no early group photos!
Phoamtoan said:
Hi all,
Thanks Michiel, great theme and choices! First castles listed in the agenda.
As always, I am willing to come, but cannot firmly confirm the ride already. Will do that later!
CU! ++nico
GSears said:
I have permission for this one.

I will probably get the evening train on Friday and stay in Calais. Anyone up for a drink and chinwag?

Calais Premiere Class is £29

Calais Ibis Styles £51

Any takers? Any preference?

Edit Room booked at Verdun
Slow Poke said:
Is picture at 2:00? I seem to miss these, I think it's a
little known medical complaint called BobStammeritus!
saphena said:
Ere, I made the last one you know!
Michiel Kerkhof said:
No as always picture is at 16.00......just to please Bob and
give him a chance of making it....
MikeHi said:
Hi Michiel,

Thanks for a great choice of rides for 2016. As this one is "virtually a day trip" I can get two past the committee for 2016. Please put me down for this one.
Coxy said:
All Booked.
P and O Dover/Calais 1425 Friday.
Ibis Styles Calais Centre Friday night.
Ibis Buget Braudel Verdun Saturday night.
Tunnel 1220 Sunday.

See you there or en-route JC.
GSears said:
Ibis Styles Calais booked for26th Feb

Ibis Budget Verdun for 27th Feb

Train out at 17:20 Friday

Train back 12:20 Sunday.
jaybee68 said:
I'm in .....so long as the snow isn't too deep !
Yes, I'm a wuss.
Graemeandsally said:
Just been sorting crossing out looks like train going
out and cant get a train back till late all sold out, so
looks like back to the ferry for the return trip
JON12A said:
Euro-tunnel 14:20 out
ibis styles Calais Friday night.
Euro-tunnel back 12:20 Sunday.
Just booked this Graham so maybe a problem with their
server earlier but ok now.
Lets hope we get out of Calais this time

See you all there .
flyingrasb said:

please add me to the list, hotel booked just got to sort tunnel crossing.

Barry Coleman
Nur-Thomas said:
hello again

please put us down for this one

see you Katharina & Thomas
scooterboy said:
Hotel Ibis Verdun booked for two nights, Fri 26th and Sat 27th.
Not booked Eurotunnel yet but planning Fri morning departure and a late return Sun night...planned a nice leisurely ride through three national parks for way back to Coquelles.

Would have stayed in Calais Fri night but cannot guarantee that the three musketeers wouldn't lead me astray

See all in Verdun if not sooner, ie. John n Sonia's Jan RTE.
GSears said:
If we're lucky
flyingrasb said:
Dave Craddock is also coming. I've booked hotel, he's booked the chunnel.

Regards Baz Coleman
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Hotel booked.
We are in, too - assumed there's no snow on the roads;)
Doris & Werner

Coxy said:
All Booked.
P and O Dover/Calais 1425 Friday.
Ibis Styles Calais Centre Friday night. - One night in Calais and the tough guys tumble - Can't be too careful with their company :D


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Finally got around to it
Return chunnel booking Saturday morning £27
Ibis budget hotel Verdun one night £30 ish double bed
Not bad value for a night in France + 900 miles of road
Can't beat it. :)

Photo at 4pm local time.???
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michiel kerkhof

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OK guys....I am crap with remembering names....wouldn't it be easier if everyone posted under his name here....I know jaybee is Jonathan Baker at least that is in his signature....Jon12A I think is John Anderson or some like that?Anyways you're both on the list!