2016-04-23 Ksiaz Castle, Poland


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Late in the day but I'm going to have to pull out of this one...

No Passport yet ... If it arrives in time ... I'll do a last minute booking ...

Wish everyone a great ride and IBA RTE weekend out...


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So far forecast looks like we're gonna get chilly and little bit wet weekend at baltics side. Pity hotel seems lacking sauna (banja, bastu) :( Still considering will I come through St.Petersburg or get lazy and take ferry to Tallinn...
So far forecast looks like we're gonna get chilly and little bit wet weekend at baltics side. Pity hotel seems lacking sauna (banja, bastu) :( Still considering will I come through St.Petersburg or get lazy and take ferry to Tallinn...
Here's the solution: instead of the sauna try a 15 minute handstand under a hot shower; heatwaves and transpiring are as sure as death and taxes;)


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But in banja, it's easier increase enjoyment with cold beer :) Not to mention sharing stories with colleagues. I bit hesitate to invite them all to my shower...


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Regrettably, the gods have conspired against me also and I'm going to have to withdraw from this one :(


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Friday 18:30 .. and I am already ready to go for tomorrow morning 5:00 ?? Thats a bad sign..

Looking forward meeting y´all tomorrow.
Back home sunday at 18.00h after a hard and rather cold ride of 900 km. 150 km with heavy snowfall an very bad visibility between Görlitz/Bautzen and in the Kassel mountains.
A few pics will follow as soon as possible.
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Had a jolly good ride back....today will be spend adjusting the bike a bit more....ended up with sore back and lame arm again....need a bar riser and adjust to seat/back support.....fuelcell is just a tiny bit too close to the maintank...anyways thanks to all that showed up.....ride down toWalbrzych was very nice and dry....the parking lot attendant was very happy with the patch...no fee charges....the hotel was brilliant meal and drinks were more than excellent as was the company! Ride back was a tad chilly and a little wet near the end...looking forward to the pictures.
To start early in the morning yesterday was the right decision. Snow and rain only at the last 100 km. Was a good ride (780 km in 6 hours and 40 minutes ) . It was a beautiful weekend. My first R2E, but not my last.
See you again.


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I had a great time, as always good people to meet and to talk to over a few beers. Had a good ride back with only a few snow showers and it was very pleasant ( and a big coincidence ) to meet fellow IBA riders Marc and Aulany for a few minutes at a fuel stop, they had cut short their trip due to the snow. Lots of rides being planned for the next few months, BBR and Scandinavian Rallies and the Romanian RTE ( I may fit in the German 4 corners between them) followed by the 32 County Challenge in Ireland. Looks like it's going to be a good summer.
Here we have the group-pic of our RTE-meeting in Ksiaz Castle in Walbrzych (former Waldenburg) in Poland

We nearly have all attendees on the photo, including Rainer Killian with a short stop over whilst riding a BB 2500 km, but one man lost. The reason why, you can find out on the next pic. Our friend Rüdiger, the great Austrian street survivor, was busy with own preparations:D for a personal ((individual)photo.

Some photos without accompanying commentary from the pre-meeting

There is nothing much to say about the city of Walbrzych (former Waldenburg) with exception of the fact: it exists.

At app. 18.00 h the number of participants hit the bar to have some smalltalk and bubble the right measure of liquid food

There's a vicious rumor going round. Have a look a Michiel and his exqusite suntanned complexion. Some people say, the man is carrying a small make-up table in his topcase. I can assure you; definite not. This old engine driver told me about a much better, and let's say rather snotty, solution.

Beside Michiel we have AyrtonO - a finnish rider - who took part for the first time. He was a little bit disappointed, because the polish hotel managment didn't share his preferences for steam saunas. My suggested alternative solution wasn't very welcomed.

In front of the pic we have the writer of this botch. Generally a tolerable motorcycle rider, but " thick as a brick" whilst navigating, especially in big-city traffic and multi-storey car parks.

The Ibis in Waldenburg was, relating to the charges, one of the best hotels you can imagine. Very friendly and helpful staff, good parking conditions - especially for motorcycles, a formidable breakfast, free coffee and tea - whenever you want, nice rooms with free mineralwater etc. There's only one thing to complain: It seems to me, but not only to me, that the cook - or perhaps the whole kitchen staff - had an off day. Or 2? Doris and I arrived on Friday; the meal had the same problematic quality as on Saturday. So, you won't see any food on the following table-pics.:rolleyes:

all dressed up and with nowhere to go:(

the strong one
the quiet man
the self-constituted mother killer ( attention mo-killer, not mo- f...)
the swiss roadrunner

so far so good - for this time

we'll meet again,
don't know where, don't know when,
but I know we'll meet again
some sunny day
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