2016-08-20 Innsbruk, Austria


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aug 20 we meet at 12.00 at Mieders Serlesbahn
N47 10.521 E 11 23.378
Try out the toboggan run

run here
Watch here
working on a time reservation for a group of???
then at 16.00 we have the castle in Innsbruck
Schloss Ambras(means trouble in belgium)

N 47 15.385 E11 26.129
Hotel in Mieders Wiesenhof
Wiesel 1 6142 Mieders booked tru Booking .com
N 47 09.977 E 11 23.067

there are more hotels in town all pretty closae to each
other.....Innnsbruck made it more expensive!
1 Michiel
2 Mike Strong
3 Gordon Sears
4 Colin ?
5 Phil Weston
6 Lynn O'Kane
7 David Clark
8/9 Thomas + Katarina Bode
10 Jonathan Baker
11 Rudiger
12 Wingglider....no tobaggan
13 Michael K.
14 Grzegorz
15 Gerhard M. Krueger

The old forum thread for this RTE is here.
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michiel kerkhof

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OK guys I advised(and booked myself) into hotel Wiesenhof...I booked at 52 euro incl brekkies.....however we were approached by Hannes Happ from hotel Bierwirt which is pretty close to the castle as well....he is an IBA fan and rider did a couple of certified IBA Germany rides and offered rooms and private parking space etc....of course we like to see whatever small biz we bring as riders end up in our own circles however his prices were a tad out of our league.I explained that to him but as a gesture and kind form of sponsorship he offered to bring down the rate to 52 Euro incl brekkies per person booked.I think we shud take our chances and stay with Hannes but I do not know if any of the 6 booked for the RTE sofar have a prepaid no cancellation possible fee with hotel Wiesenhof.....if not we can book straight with Hannes.mention you are an IBA rider and want to book under the Michiel rate....website of the hotel, looks nice, is here
www.bierwirt.com and bookings can be done directly at [email protected]....Let me know asap pls......also still working but never gettin any reply on the taboggan run reservation.....hope ski season over soon now so I can get that fixed too!!


michiel kerkhof

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Oh and he's more than happy to serve us a great dinner while we stay there....could be a night to remember all our lifes...or try to forget the next morning!!!

michiel kerkhof

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Yep that makes 2 of us....cant be beaten by David......and it's almost a democratic decision now.....pretty sure the rest of the gang doesn't mind switching.....:cool:


12 Days? 12Days!
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Me too - reservation done by Hannes, the best Bierwirt ever... ;)
Please add me and Conny to the list