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Scott Parish

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So far - looking like the majority is taking a north-west route heading toward Fargo. BTW- Ira - please pass on to Jerry White how great it was to watch the interview videos posted.

Scott Parish

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Looks like a few ambitious riders bagged Key West during the second leg - I'm wondering if Hyder is a potential bonus; and how many might go for it on the third leg?


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We've lost more riders than I expected, but fully understand the heat and exhaustion.
More mechanical issues than I expected as well - just goes to show, these things called motorcycles are just machines and anything can fail at any time, no matter how well the preparation has gone. And, it's certainly not limited to one make or model!


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I was surprised at the number of people who had various and sundry fueling issues. A few suspect fuel pumps, a couple of fuel cells that could have been plumbed a little "cleaner", but I suspect quite a bit of vapor lock in many of these issues.

I've been out of the rally game for a while, but at least on BMW oilheads, a popular mod was to relocate fuel pumps and filters to external units. I have no idea if it was helpful, but at the very least they were more accessible to determine if those items were failing.

Also....free advice and for what it's worth; if you only need 12" of hose to run your aux tank to your main, and extra four inches isn't needed. With that, if your aux cell drains directly to your main tank and it is filtered in the main tank, a fuel filter in the aux tank MAY be an extra failure point. I saw this too yesterday. If you don't really need it, you don't need it.

FWIW and respectfully submitted.


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I note the Rally Report thread is locked, so posting this here...
John Harrison mentioned in today's Epilogue that riders will be writing RRs on their blogs.
Is it possible to post some of the links in this Forum so we, the hoi polloi, can easily access them without futile Google searches?


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I just started a thread in the "Ride, Rally & Events Reports" section of the forum where folks can put links to their blogs and ride reports.

CLICK HERE for the link.