2017 Iron Butt Rally USA


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Last Spot message was at around 5 pm Pacific, I think; so hopefully he got there before they closed, and they'll be working on it as soon as they open - which is still another four hours' time. I fear it must be moderately serious; he's only done about 100 miles in the last 18 hours, and I can't imagine Phil would do that unless it's unavoidable.



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John keeps massaging the message in over at Roberts blog on his recurrent problems with the Honda:
"Buy a Triumph" "Buy a Triumph"
Might not be the solution after all...

Wasn't it Bazzer who kept doing promo for Kawasakis and all of their virtues?
Making one younger looking and what not.

Fingers crossed for Phil, and hope to see him out on the road again.
Who would like to head on home with unfinished unfinished business?

Now that's...

...quite a monkey to carry around.
I saw that Phil was in my city (Eureka, Ca.) and rode down to the local moto dealer. He was in good spirits and getting ready to depart soon. Had a nice chat. Phil was looking forward to heading to the finish. I will leave it to Phil to fill you in on the details of his final leg.
Best of luck to you Phil. It was an honor to meet you.


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From the Rally Report
Phillip Weston reportedly hit something on the road in California and damaged both wheels
beyond repair on his Triumph 800
Jeff Wilson came across Phillip and rode ahead to access help.
Phillip managed to get transported to a shop, bought a BMW R1100GS, and is
seeking enough points to salvage his rally


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Merde! He loses half of his total points. The fact that he's trying to make it might mean he still thinks he has enough points to finish???
Good to hear is well and back on the road - he must have enough in the bank to be a finisher even with the penalty of swapping bikes.


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If I remember the rules correctly, the penalty for swapping bikes applies to standings, but not for finisher status.

In other words, they want you to try to finish, even if it means using a different bike, but they still want to encourage you to finish on your primary bike if possible.

See Footnote 15 on page 7 of the rules.
Congratulations are due for Gerhard for gaining a Gold standard finish, Michael & Roberto with a silver finish and Kevin and Lynda for achieving a bronze, riding with your head and not your heart pays off.
P.s. I think Kevin & Lynda were the first married couple to finish.