2017 Memorial ride - altered plans


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During the long hours of work the mind wanders and looks for an escape and a few months ago we hatched a plan. A plan that would see us away on the bikes for a week and back in Wilmington for the gathering.

Our original plan was a 50cc heading to Darwin, taking in the sights for a couple of days and then a Centreline24. In the end we got to Glendambo and called it a day.

Here are a couple of my blog posts about our aborted (I don't like to say failed) attempt and our replacement plan for the memorial ride.

- Aborted Run

- 2017 Memorial Ride

And a couple of random photos from the week



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Zed14. A very honest appraisal of a difficult ride, made all the more so by a number of existing elements. But you regrouped to finish your memorial ride, that was the great part. The road north up the centre awaits your return. :)


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An excellent couple of reports on what was a great few days on the road Glen. I could feel your anguish in the aborted attempt and I congratulate you on the decision to make that important call. Best wishes for your future endeavours "up north".

Martin Little

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Great Ride Report Zed!

There are lessons to be learnt from each ride and it sounds like you had that in spades on the 50CC attempt. The good thing is you will be back, wiser for the experience and you will conquer this for sure.

Love your photos, what camera are you using?


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Love your photos, what camera are you using?
thanks Martin - I use an Olympus TG2 which is now a couple of generations old but still a great little tough camera. I used to lug around my DSLR but it was always too much mucking around.

Thanks, Glen. At least someone wrote it up!
I like the bits with me in it the best.
And I pinched a couple of your photos


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Enjoyed the read and you always take great looking 'snaps' Glen. Pulling the pin is never easy!!!

Wise decision and your fallback ride worked a treat.

Was great to catch up at Wilmington and enjoyed the chat on Sunday morning :)