2017 Tiger Explorer Modifications


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Don't see any Triumph love here, so here is mine.

Just a few things that I have done so far.
U.S. Navy gremlin bell, received as a gift so extra protection there.
Triumph fog lights, very easy install. A few screws and just plugged into the wiring harness under the bill.
Triumph panniers and top box, the outback version and I added the givi roll top liner bags.
Triumph Radiator protector.
Triumph Engine guards
Battery tender
Givi tool box, mounted to the pannier rack on the port side. Serves the same function as a tool tube.
Rokform Cell phone mount.
Added spacers behind the wind screen to smooth out the air.
Upgraded headlight and parking light lamps.

To Do List
Rotopax mount
Upgrade the seat if it doesn't break in soon.
Highway pegs for the engine guard


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Thanks, I received the rotopax from twisted throttle and the Highway pegs from advdesigns.
The pegs will take some ride and adj.
Since I didn’t get the rotopax mount, I will be rok strapping it to the tail rack or on top of the panniers depending on how I have the bike configured for the ride.


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Well, I am not really digging the highway pegs, to close to hook it with my boot heel with out a lot of knee bend. I have been just plopping my boot on top of the peg landing about at my ankle. This is okay but a pain to get to and from that position. I can't move it any farther forward or down due to the construction of the engine guard. So they may be coming back off.
Few other things done.
Installed some Bark-busters Storm hand guards.
Replaced the factory luggage mounts with the givi mounts. That moved the panniers down and back a few inches. The reason for that is when my Baby Girls are riding with me the panniers get in the way and it is uncomfortable after a short time.
More to do before the next big run.
Lights, some spots for that seeum way down the road.
Roto-pax mount and a water can.
Phone mount that will move it above the instrument cluster.
I have some spare Rox risers that I may try to see how they change my riding position.


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Rox Risers installed, now for some ride and adjust.
Moved the currant Rok form phone mount to the center and down, now its clear of the instrument cluster.
Have some fender mount running lights on order, I am wondering how they will do since they will be moving alot with the suspension.
How did you put spacers on the wind screen to help with the buffing. I have a 2013 and use the stock windscreen. I bought one of the Givi ones but I hate the way it looks. Also where did you mount the Rotopax bracket? I thought about putting mine on back of the panniers but mine are the triumph plastic ones and afraid the weight will be ruff on them when off road.


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You can get teflon spacers and screws at the hardware store. Take one of your stock windscreen screws for reference and make sure that the new screws are long enough to work with the spacer.
I strapped the Roto pax to the left pannier mount when. I didn’t use the panniers and on the luggage rack when I did use the panniers. I didn’t use a roto pax mount since I don’t plan on using it often.


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What's Dora the Explorer like on the gravel Carl?

Once I have the more adventurous rides out of my system the plan is to trade the Kato for your choice of Super Ten/ Goose Adventure or Explorer.

I've always been a fan of the Hinkley Triples and have had a Tiger 955 and two Daytonas in my history. Post pics of your mods if you get a chance.