2018 Muster where when ?


unless you have turned it off there is a banner at the top of the forum page:
IBA Australia Muster 2018
Location: TBA
Date: 7th April 2018

We are waiting for some more details regarding accommodation and facilities before we can announce the location (soon I think) :)


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I basically had the date locked in directly after the last muster as it was posted up in short order. Then simply took leave two work days either side of that weekend regardless of what the location may be.
My reasoning is if it was far away then tree days would get me there...probably???.and sufficient to get home. If it was close then I get maybe to hang out with a few mates in the days after the muster and then sprint back home .
Might be some logic in that idea that might be of help John.


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Thanks Gatey yes good logic and using it. Just asking mate. Competing priorities, hey no problem, no pressure for the team just thought I would ask