2018 Social event - Sat 27th October in Sheffield


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Would be there, But we fly to Spain that Morning with the Grandchildren, They tell me its a Holiday but I'm not convinced :eek:


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Well I’m here!

Quite a cold ride down from Newcastle and if there is no ice about I’m expecting an even colder ride home!

Hope to see some more IBA’rs son.


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Thanks to Mark for arranging it all, as well as pulling some strings to get the surprise celebrity along. Again. A shame more people didn't make it. I was disappointed I had to leave early; I'd have preferred to have stayed and had some beers and banter. Oh well - it was a fine, cold ride home.



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Despite the low numbers it was a nice social get together at a nice friendly pub with the very good DJ Dave once again :)

Will be interesting to hear what forum and Farcebook members think about any 2019 social events.