2020 Defective Gene Pool RTE

Cliff Wall

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IBR Finisher

The Defective Gene Pool will host its' 9th Annual Meeting (Ride to Eat style) Saturday, February 22nd, 2020 at Big Ray's Bar-B-Que in Allen, Texas. We'll begin gathering around 10:00am and hit the doors at 11:00 when they open for business.


The "Pool" was formed by a few past IBR finishers to give Long Distance motorcycle riders and potential LD riders an opportunity to swap lies, renew old acquaintances, encourage new participants to the sport, and generally to celebrate the defective gene that runs common to us all. Other less notable pursuits may ensue. Projected attendees include several past IBR finishers and a host of LD riders with significant rally and IBA ride experience. All riders and all bike brands are welcome. If you feel you have the "defective gene" that causes this madness or you just like to gawk at weird people, please join us for this enlightening gathering.

In order to get a head count for the event we are using Ride Master this year for registration. To sign up just go to the Ride Master website https://rides.jasonjonas.com/ , find the Defective Gene Pool event, click on the “Register” button and follow the instructions. There is no fee for the event other than paying for your own food and drink.

The pre-RTE event will be held Friday night, February 21st, at Two Rows restaurant (aka “Two Frogs”) in Allen, TX which is next door to the Hilton Garden Inn, the two venues which will serve as our unofficial RTE and Pre-RTE headquarters, respectively. Here’s the links:



For info or questions email or call Cliff Wall, IBA #459 ==> [email protected], (214) 616-7327.