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I've never suggested a RTE before. but with current restrictions this is just something to do when normality returns ( if ever ).
Now I suggest a breakfast, lunch and dinner RTE all in 1 day. I propose visiting the highest pubs in the England, Wales and Scotland. I started it from home and finished their in the day, when recovered from illness a while back.
It was a bit of laugh. Why else would we do it.

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if your interested let us know so we can agree a date.
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Peter Perfect

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Sounds good to me.., when all three countries allow it...

My friend did the Three Peaks Challenge (Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike, Mt Snowdon)...., that didn't sound like fun...!!

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Several reasonable priced Hotels nearby to make a night of it. Assuming we finish in Scotland ?
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Brit Butt Tour Admin.
This is a first I seem to have started something off o_O.

Now, when we do this is dependant when England, Wales and Scotland reduce lockdown allowing movement around all 3 countries.
Next thing that could affect timing is do we eat at each pub or take our own food and drink. If we choose to purchase a meal at them then this may delay when we can do it as pubs may not open for some time.

Lastly the order now Peter as listed them 1,2,3, thanks Peter.

what I propose is this. It looks like that Lockdown may be ending 8th March, so I propose to do the run on the 13th March, I think sandwiches will be needed.
The order that works for me is Wales, England, Scotland. However the order may be down to you and what works for you.
I doubt if hotels will be available so for some it will be a long day.

So time to discuss.


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I would only do this if I can book a pub room somewhere at either end of the trip, so I doubt if that would be possible as early as March.

Peter Perfect

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The Sportsman's Arms, A543, Bylchau, Denbigh, LL16 5SW

Tan Hill Inn, Long Causeway, Richmond, DL11 6ED

Wanlockhead Inn, Gardendyke, Wanlockhead, ML12 6UZ