36 hour Brit Butt Rally...... Entry Open

Great weekend, Good to catch up with so many faces again, Great roads(well except for the M6 and A55), good scenery and learnt a lot about some of the bonus's chatting to locals and very well organised, i have to wonder why i haven't entered for the last 3 years.
Thank you to John, Rick, Phil, Chris and Bev and all the volunteers that made the rally special.


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Well, kind of flower picking...nice country roads...sunshine...even a boat trip....a posh hotel in Tunbridge Wells...a shopping trip in London on Sunday morning....a cappucino in the last café...nice scenic views in Cornwall (joining the other 1.3 million drivers there)...

Scott Miller

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Thanks for a great rally. I really enjoyed it and hope that next year the rally master will again organize good weather. The weather during the return ride from Calais to Switzerland was miserable. There were lots of water logged bikers trying to make it back to the nice UK weather. :rolleyes:



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Great weekend has been different look at the rally from the rally team it's not a easy job to do but glad we have done it roll on next year when hopefully we be back riding not helping out well done all that completed the rally and to all the rally team for putting on another great rally


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Yep I concur with the sentiments above. Another great weekend's Rally and the weather was great, but a bit too hot at times. My best placing ever (4th). Just a bit of a bummer I lost 2500 points by not getting the correct angle of photo at the BSA factory and so also lost the combination. If I had Lee would have been in 4th place instead :p

I hope this is the last time I have to go down to Cornwall and North Devon during a rally as the roads and traffic are a nightmare. Oops, did I say that out loud :rolleyes:

And by the way, for all you riders doing the JOGLE ride soon there's about 10 miles or more of 40 mph roadworks on the A30 in Cornwall, with single file rear facing average speed cameras in both directions. So it might be worth adding some extra time into your plans. Hopefully it won't be thick fog either like I had to contend with at 1 a.m :eek: