50 State spreadsheet

I have been meaning to post this for months, maybe years. Life moves pretty fast... I completed this ride in 2016. All the gas stations were preplanned. The one I planned in Vermont was missing, despite being on Google Maps. I mean missing as there wasn't even a building there when I arrived. Chase Hawaii Rentals was fantastic. They even met me after hours to pick up the bike, so I could make the red eye back to Las Vegas. I am preaching to the choir, but view gets better the further north you get. The first spreadsheet was my plan. The second was my execution of said plan. Please ask if you want the spreadsheets emailed so you can modify. IMG_2062.JPG fullsizeoutput_77e.jpeg



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Now, the 50 state ride - that's a challenge of a ride right there.

I mean, the planning to do the ride on Hawaii, *then* jump into an airplane, fly five hours, and then keep going...for another week...

Pretty cool, indeed!
That's pretty cool! I was discussing this topic with someone recently and we weren't sure if you could do this. Obviously the answer is yes!
I think I could sell my wife on letting me do another 48 plus if I were to reverse my route by starting in Hyder; ending the CONUS part at home in San Diego; have her fly with me to Hawaii where I would rent a scooter; stop - grab a DBR thus stopping the clock; and meet her at the Hotel. hmmm....I'm liking this idea. :)