50CC Melbourne to Darwin - CBR125R


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I've been tossing this ride around for a while but was never quite confident/foolish/game enough to take it on. IBA-Tiger and Mrs Wom agreed to watch over me from the comfort of a ute and do any disaster recovery should it be required so the ride's now done thanks to them. No disasters, a 49 hour 50CC on a 125CC. The ride report can be found here

It was also Australia's first 2up Ute 50CC.


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You take this game of ours to a whole other level Wom. An amazing ride in every way.
Top effort from Bill and the Boss.


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What a fantastic read! Knocking off a 50cc on 125cc's, this is one of the worlds great rides!

Your support team arn't quite right either :D

Well done.


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"Your support team arn't quite right either :D"

Oi! I resemble that remark!

Was an honour to be part of this epic/crazy/astounding ride!


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Utterly amazing and fantastic work from the three of you .... not forgetting little Mango. Super well done, both the planning and the execution.
Those physiotherapy studies have obviously paid off !


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Great stuff Wombattle. I've been waiting for something this big and truly not right from the combination of you and Little Mango.

Well done to Mrs Wom and LD legend TigerBill. Great support and an amazing adventure in the ute anyway.