Accuracy of estimated time.

Been playing around with some routes for the armistice 1000, a North and a South depending on weather on the day, and some of the times estimated my google maps between fuel stops seem a little excessive to me. I’m obviously not going to race around the country but I would like an idea of when I can be at certain places and time spare in future legs for rest if needed etc. How accurate have people found these estimations to or am I right in thinking they are somewhat pessimistic?


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I find google times not that good, i use Basecamp and have adjusted setting to suit my riding, i have 2 sets of timings i use, one a relaxed one that will allow me to do a SS1000 in around 19/20 hours and then one set for BB1500 that gets me around in 23.5 hours (sometimes use these setting to do a quick SS1000) over time i have tweaked these and do find the times produced just about spot on for me. you be best starting with times that think suits you and as you do more rides adjust the setting to suit till you find them the fit with your riding style
Thanks that confirms what I suspected. I’ve had a little bit of a play around with base camp I’m sure I will get there with it with a bit of practice it must be better than google maps which is a bit of a blunt instrument
That sounds familiar that’s why I was wondering. It just seemed so over the top with some of its estimates. It’s my first attempt and I have seen the kind of times it takes people to do a ride and it just didn’t seem to add up at all.


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Google Maps was with in a hour in its estimate for me. From Fort Worth to Sierra Blanca and back. Google Maps claims 14:47, I completed it in 15:21.
I think that google is set up for people in cars driving short distance. Besides it is just to give you a ball park number. If anything, I like to try to beat the estimate.


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Google is pretty conservative on timings, though it is handy for highlighting traffic and closed roads
Agreed, and in route planning, this seems to be absolutely intentional by Google.

I mean, you know they could be much more accurate with timings, and they choose to be conservative to keep the user from becoming complacent.

Create a route from Point A to Point C. In the middle of that route, choose a Point B that will close before you get there (fuel opportunity, for example)

If you won't make Point B prior to close, Maps will inform you that you won't make it there in time.


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i try after a long ride to check my timings within Basecamp and tweak if need be, i find now i can be with in about 5 minutes of my ETA over 250 miles subject to traffic
After several years of diverging GPS planning/navigation methods, I've stuck to Google Maps/Nav for the past three years. Found out that in the USA (west), Europe (all over), and here in Israel - Google is conservative just enough to allow for a proper fuel/drink/bite for each 3 hour "leg". On highways I ride 5%-10% above. On backroads...well...:oops:
With that in mind, I adjust my "coordinate system" accordingly.