ACT Insanity June 2020

i also went riding yesterday. fitted a 17 hr, 1780km saddlesore inside the 150km radius allowed from home. I used Tugun to the south, the Cooroy overpass to the north and Toowomba to the west and used the M1 / Logan Motorway intersection as the turning point from both directions. Did it with only one fuel up as well.
Cold...15 degrees. definitely glad i had the heated gear on.

I basically did two and a half laps.
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I ventured out into the misty rain at 6.30 am. yesterday. Met Fatman, then Derek Sutton on the way to Rockbank. Turned south off the Western Hwy. through Rowsley, Mt. Egerton, Buninyong, Scarsdale then turned north at Skipton.
Beaufort and Lexton were behind us when we stopped for fuel at Avoca. Turned east to Maryborough for lunch then south to Creswick. Another turn, east, had us travelling through Daylesford, Trentham then onto the Calder Hwy. at Woodend for the final run back into Melbourne.
A warming coffee was enjoyed at Derek's home before I waved goodbye to Fatman at Berwick then continued on home to Trafalgar for fuel. Into the shed at 5.30 pm. just in time for a lovely roast dinner.
A great day out with differing conditions, early moisture, dry middle then more moisture to finish. A huge improvement on my last ride, 751 kilometres for the day, with no ill effects or tiredness.