"ACT Insanity" Ride Planned (June)


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Quote: "Anyone else certified yet?"

Methinks you need to be certified to even consider the ride......

IBA-Tiger, methinks you need to be certified also for standing around a service station waiting for riders to complete a lap, sign their ride log and then wait longer for more riders again and again,20 x laps each, all in the middle of a Canberra winter! LOL!!

But yourself Bill and all the other officials were very much appreciated, without you guys this ride wouldn't have happened.

Olaf Moon

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What is the date for the October duplicate of this ride? Who is actually organising it? Has anyone asked the IBA for permission and approval of the route?
Depending on the date, I am happy to stand and get signatures from The Faithful.

Grey Gentry

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I've sent of a couple (the ACT Insanity being one) for certification, but no acknowledgement.....is this normal?

Yeah I might poke my head up again.