Additional Pottal Pool 2018 (kind of) RTE - SUNDAY 7th October.


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Weekend of 6th / 7th October.

On Saturday 6th October there will be an opportunity for anyone considering Challenge 4A (Ride 1000 miles in 24 hours) to do so. It will be ridden under IBA Rules and so if you complete this challenge, you can apply (if you so wish) for IBA membership.

I will put a route together and have it pre-approved by the IBA before we ride it. I am also prepared to act as leader / pace setter for anyone that wants to join me. We have plenty of accomodation here for people wanting to come up (or down) on the day before.

On Sunday 7th October, we (myself and Sonia) will be holding an open day here at PPH, it is not specifically a 50-50 event so anyone will be made welcome, but donations into the bucket in the PG will go towards the 50-50 fund raising.

Hot & cold food and drink will be provided throughout the day and there will be no charge. The PG will be open for people to see my bike collection and also be able to see my archive "stuff" on the triples (and there's plenty to see
:) - there's over 1000 magazine articles, complete sets of handbooks, parts books and workshop manuals for the triples, virtually every advertising brochure, race memorabillia, prototype material and the favourite of Pete Churchill , a superb triple themed mug collection Lol !! )

In addition, throughout the day, we will be firing up from time to time :

1. The T160 hill-climb car
2. Son of Sam
3. The Works Highboy
4. and, of course, the Pulse Jet powered moped.

As stated above, there will be no charge for any of this, but we would appreciate a donation into the bucket

Please try to support one or other (or even both) of these events as this will be the last of the 3 events we have held / will be holding here for the 50-50 Challenge in this 50th year of the triples.
Hi, can't make the Sat but will pop over on the Sunday all being well.
Should be riding the Armistice 1000 in Nov so that will cover the 50/50 too.
Be nice to see you and catch up.
Unsure if this is still running due to no further posts, unless being discussed on another forum.
I have other commitments now in any case so have to offer my apologies if still going ahead.
Will catch up soon no doubt.