An IBA Lap around Australia - October 2019

Martin Little

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Ok, I have the need to spend some time on the bike away from the east coast and feeling inspired by Fatmans & LTP's recent lap around Australia I'm heading out in early October for a lap around our big country. I'm still firming up dates with work (honest boss, I need these few days off real bad!) but some time in the first week of October I plan to depart from Sydney heading anti clockwise.

Will confirm departure date and post a Spotlink closer to the time.

Looking forward to getting out here again


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Now that's a ride you'll enjoy Martin!
No better lap of anything than of our great continent.
I did it a few years ago at a more leisurely pace, and identified so many places that I (we) will
get back to in the future.
I look forward to watching your journey.

Martin Little

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Like those above me I'm looking forward to following your spot Martin. I read no mention of Rebecca joining you, so gather this is a solo effort. I can see the Australian riders network gearing up for support already. The very best for the ride.
This one will be solo as Pillion Piglet will be keeping the economy ticking over while I'm off riding.