Are you waiting for an IBA certificate?

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We have had a heck of a time , more so in the past six months, in getting certificates from the U.S. to Australia. I KNOW that many certificates that have not been received have been mailed, because I mailed those certificates myself. We sent one package to a rider that was not received after six weeks; then sent a replacement package to the same rider that was not received for five weeks; and then sent a third package with tracking (the cost, with tracking was $46). The tracking package arrived six weeks later, having been routed through Paris, Frankfurt, Dubai and Singapore.

After receipt of package #3, package #2 arrived one week later, and package #1 arrive two weeks after that.

What a mess!

We may have come up with a method to get certificates to Australia which we tested and seems to work. So here's what I need from you.

Please tell me what certificates you are waiting for. Give me the date of the ride, and the date you sent the application to [email protected]. If you sent your application to some other emailbox, tell me that also.

I will make every effort to get your certificates to you promptly.

[email protected]
Howard, many thanks. >I am waiting for two of them, one from last year. Am patient but will follow up if they dont arrive. Post inside Australia seems fine, but I am tracking a package (of lights) I have sent to CA to see how long it takes!
I know that international postal delivery times were really impacted in the early days of the Covid pandemic back in Q2 & Q3-2020, but as way of comparison of the "current" postal times . . . my Butt Lite Grand Tour rally flag, in an A4 sized envelope and shipped by USPO, departed Chicago IL on 22-March, arrived at Sydney Airport on 01-April, departed Australian Customs on 13-April and delivered to my home in Sydney on 15-April.

Just under 4 weeks "door to door" now, compared to 1~2 weeks back in 2019.
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