Armistice centenery ride

I have spoke to philip about this to commemorate this during November 2018.
The idea being to use the North and south RBLR routes also the 500 mile routes, you start and finish at the closest point on the route to where you live using the fill points on the route cards but not Squires café to allow maximum flexibility on your start/finish times.
There will be patch for this ride a £10.00 donation to the Royal British Legion will be included in the fee.
Can those interested post here so we can get an idea of numbers.


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Would like to consider starting a a ride SS1000 or above and signing it off at or Near the Forest of Compiègne ... (Service station at city of Compiègne) on the 11th November ..
This would possibly replicate the journey when they signed the treaty ...
Even a European one to ride down the main battle front line (As near as possible to do a min of SS1000) to end at Compiègne

Ref Wikipedia

"Although the armistice ended the fighting, it needed to be prolonged three times until the Treaty of Versailles took effect on 10 January 1920."

I'm sure verification would be sooner than 2020 for a 2018 ride :)