Aug 14th The Bull Halstead


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Thanks for an enjoyable first (for me) UK RTE...

It was great to meet everyone and have a nice lunch to boot!

Look forward to the next one!

After the really bad traffic on the way down on Friday the run home was great, except for the puncture with a screw in my BRAND NEW rear tyre
about 20 miles from home... fortunately it got me home with about 30lbs/psi left in it when I got home...
Bigger screw in this tyre than the one in the previous tyre but far more annoying as it might not be repairable.....
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Great company as always.
Lovely gourmet burger and chips.
Apart from the blocked A120 a good ride up and back. The Garmin XT live traffic handled the M4 detour well but I was too early at the A120 accident for it to pick it up.


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OK - whereabouts on this site is the secret hidden information that will allow me to discover what my IBA number is?

Note to self - write the bloody thing down this time.


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What an honest upstanding bunch of tee shirt buyers you lot are .
Thank you for the prompt payments and thank you Bob for sorting the payment method on the web site so quickly.