August RTE - Sat 26th - Wellesbourne Airfield


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Announced at the 2016 Christmas Meeting.

A Ride-to-Eat with a difference. A guided tour of a working Vulcan Bomber, followed by a Pub lunch :cool:

Bomber XM655 is located in the North West corner of Wellesbourne Airfield which is approximately 5 miles due East of Stratford-upon-Avon. The nearest post code is CV35 9EU. Here's the co-ordinates:

N52° 11.795' W1° 37.089'

Meet at 10.00 - 10.15, ready for the group photo in front of the bomber at 10.30. A cash donation of £10 is required per person, which helps the charity to maintain the aircraft. XM655 does a fast taxi every year when it blasts up the runway, but unfortunately not on this date though :(

You'll be able to watch the bomb doors open, sit in the cockpit and learn all about the nukes and conventional bombs they used to carry from ex V-force personnel and even a pilot or two if we're lucky.

The tour lasts a couple of hours then we'll head off for a pub lunch at the nearby Wellesbourne King's Head Pub. Here's links to the Bomber charity and pub. Alternatively just come along to the pub for lunch and a natter at 1 p.m.

A maximum of 24 can do the tour so if you're interested put your names down and I'll start a list. :D

Edit - 25/03. The pub requires a heads-up for what everybody wants to eat. I'll put the menu up a couple of weeks before the event so everyone can let me know what they fancy :)
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The list:

1. Mark (FJRPilot)
2. GSears
3. Softy
4. Kim Leeson
5. Ziggy
6. BobbyC
7. Winglider
8. Niki
9. Owl (?)
10. Tom Tom
11. saphena
12. jaybee
13. Graeme
14. Sally
15. Colin
16. John B
17. Ann-Marie
18. Cameron L
19. Shirley L (?)
20. John MacGregor
21. Jan
22. flyingrasb
23. Whistler
24. Garmin Dave
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Kim Leeson

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Hi Mark,
Sorry I missed the annual meeting...I trust a good time was had by one and all....can you put me on the list please.
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Put me down for this one Mark ...

Hint for other riders ...
This is one of the most complete Vulcan's if not the only one open to the Public and worth a visit ...
All of the control gear Electrics/Electronics are still in place ..



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I wish I was as certain as you guys as to my availability 9 months in advance!

I'd love to go, but who knows what the future holds?

michiel kerkhof

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Just thinking loud as we may have a problem here with Riga same weekend...would it work if we do Riga 1 week later or is that all too close to each other? Dont want to end up being just me and Mike there....not the basic idea behind organising a RTE....


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Sorry about the clash Michiel. That was the only weekend apart from February/March they could fit a group in :rolleyes: