Australian custom seat builder recommendations?


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Hi All

Wondering if anyone has used a local custom seat builder they would recommend? I have a spare seat for my Rocket III and am considering sending it off to Day Long to get re-done as they come highly recommended by just about everyone but happy to shop locally if possible

Anyone I know who's had a custom seat done in Australia has been more for looks and short trip comfort rather than long distance focused so though I'd post the question here to see if any of you good folk have used someone with success, or alternately anyone to stay away from

I'm Melbourne based but interstate is no issue and can supply the original seat/base to work with


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I have half a dozen seats for the various bikes I own ,for LD riding ,Day Long Is an excellent choice.Expensive and time consuming to get done here in Aus but worth it if your going to keep the bike ,they transform the ride. The one on my GSA has 80 odd thousand on it now and is as good as the day I got it.Good people to deal with as well.
I have an Ultimate seat in my F6, also a US made item, and I’m very happy with that as well, that has done some big rides no problem at all, but again not inexpensive thanks to the Aussie paso. Excellent service as well.

Getting a custom made option here has for me proven to be difficult, when geared to wards LD riding specifically. The market is quite small.
I've had two seats adjusted by Matt at Seamless Trimming. Each seat (one OEM BMW, one Sargent) was changes to seat shape and re-using the existing covers, but having seen some of his custom car work, he has outstanding attention to detail. He used to be in Pakenham, but has moved out to Drouin. Each time, he's done a professional job, at a reasonable price.


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Locally MJM [Mick McCarthy] in Goulburn has done three seats [BMW R1200GSA, BMW R1200RT and Super Tenere]. I'd recommend him to look after you.