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I bought a simple nuvi 55LM GPS to help with my rides and to get a 'better' map for Basecamp.
I need to have the GPS connected to be able to see the map. Without the GPS I can only see the 'Global Map'.
When I use the option Maps > Install Maps from the menu the MapInstall window opens and the device is selected, however the message in the box says: "No unlocked maps were found for this device."
Is there a trick here that I'm missing? I have tried Garmin Express but I can't find an option to install the maps.
Is there an option to install the maps so that the device doesn't need to be connected?



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If you go to the Garmin website with the unit plugged into your computer there is an option to re-install maps and you can tick a box to put them onto the unit and onto the PC.

This is the general thing, I'm sure if you ask Google somone will have very specific instructions available.


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Using Garmin Express
Connect your GPS to the computer, Garmin Express should load automatically.
Go to the Devices page and find Reinstall or Change Maps and click on advanced options.
There is a drop down menu that gives 3 options:
Device Only
Device and Computer
Computer only

Choose Computer only and then click on Install Maps

This works on my BMW Nav4 (Garmin 660)
and hopefully will work on your Nuvi 55LM GPS


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Thanks Dace "B" and "C"

Have Garmin Express, I already had the 55LM registered but had to create an account, got the Communicator plug in (Google has done everything possible to convince you to use Chrome but now it doesn't work for Garmin so I had to go back and use the normal Explorer). I have installed the maps and now need to un-block and need the Product Key and need to call Tech Service...

1 GPS, 2 navigator, Basecamp, Garmin Express and Communicator plug in and you still need to call in for a Product Key ???