Bazz and Liz's 2019 IBA Memorial Ride


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...and finished.
Made a slight change: B/Hill->Burra, Sth Aust->B/Hill->Packsaddle, NSW->B/Hill->Dareton, Buronga, NSW->B/Hill. GPS says 1640km

Physically this was a tuff ride on both our ageing bodies and so blew out our ETA's. Here'a a tip, DON'T grow old, lol. I'd planned to finish the ride all within the 29th of Sep and set the SPOT trip accordingly but, as we needed the early hours of the 30th as well, SPOT trip has now been adjusted.

RR to come.


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Don't grow old is a great tip Bazz ..... perhaps you can share some tips on how to overcome that challenge :D:D:D
Isn't there a fountain of youth somewhere? o_O

Better to grow old, than the other alternative.

Well done Bazz and Liz. Home safe is good.
Ah, but sadly, growing old does in fact lead to the other alternative. Hence I repeat, don't grow old... ;) :D

Yep, home safe and sore. Poor Liz is really paying for it today... :(