BBG2500k without aux tank


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Hi All

I'm tryng to plan a BBG attempt and with my range of 320ish kms to the tank figure I'll need to allow an hour for fuel stops in the ride plan. I figure I'll carry at least 5l with me, if not more depending on fuel locations once I've settled on an achievable route

Obviously I'm looking around 110km zones for the most part, have had a good look at OX-34's run up & down the Hume Hwy on the scooter and thinking that may be a good base / starting plan (I'm Melb based), alternately thinking Melb>Sydney>Mildura>Melb kind of route

My question - has anyone completed this ride without an aux tank in Aus? If so - what bike / fuel range did you have and is my above assumption of 1hr lost to fuel stops on the money?

Any advice greatfully accepted



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I think that the combination of 320km and a 5 litre jerry can is suboptimal. It means 2 fuel stops every 400km. A bigger jerry can to safely reach the longest (close to 600km) fuel legs would be better. Simply less stopping.

I think I did non-aux BBGs on a Super Tenere, an FJR and on my Ninja 300.