Been waiting for more than 10 mounth.

I must apologize for me being rude and ask a rude question, I am a new rider in this world of long, very long ridings.
I had my 1000 mil. ride in May 2108. I sent all the required documentation and made the payment.
is it ok to wait for more than 10 month


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I just dropped you a PM. Check your inbox.

Ira Agins
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Looks it is OK. I am waiting 11 month since ride, could leave this world in two accidents without Certification :) at least buddies can engrave it in the worst case:eek:.
after reading about riders waiting a long time for their certification i do not feel so bad now. i mailed mine on 6-10-2019. i wish i could help ya'll get caught up on the paperwork. i hope i am in the queue and all is well. thanks