Big Things Practice Rally 10th-12th May 2019


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Hi all,

Rallies in Oz are few and far between as you know. TigerBill and I have just put together a couple of practice rallies for fun. With the 2019 IBR fast approaching our Big Four (Jeff the Chef, KiwiMartin, PillionPiglet and tabledrain) can use them as training.

We've picked the weekend of the 10th to the 12th May and that's less than 4 weeks away:
- Leg One starts after work Friday wherever you are and finishes in Tamworth Saturday morning;
- Leg Two starts in Tamworth Saturday morning and finishes back in Tamworth Sunday morning;
- Leg Three starts in Tamworth and finishes at 23:59hr back home (or anywhere you like).

If anyone would like to join in for the challenge, the fun, the support of the IBR riders please come along.

All of the bonus locations are in NSW. This is a flexible rally. Out of state riders can choose to start closer to the action. I won't be checking home addresses, this is all just practice anyway.

Add your name to the list to get on board:


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Sounds a good concept Ox, well done to you and Tiger IBA Bill for arranging it.

LTP and I are not able to come along (a bit close to another ride we have planned) for the fun but it would be great to see as many as possible to enter and have a crack.

Good luck to the IBR entrants, have fun with the practice. :)