Big Things Practice Rally 10th-12th May 2019


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Hi all,

Rallies in Oz are few and far between as you know. TigerBill and I have just put together a couple of practice rallies for fun. With the 2019 IBR fast approaching our Big Four (Jeff the Chef, KiwiMartin, PillionPiglet and tabledrain) can use them as training.

We've picked the weekend of the 10th to the 12th May and that's less than 4 weeks away:
- Leg One starts after work Friday wherever you are and finishes in Tamworth Saturday morning;
- Leg Two starts in Tamworth Saturday morning and finishes back in Tamworth Sunday morning;
- Leg Three starts in Tamworth and finishes at 23:59hr back home (or anywhere you like).

If anyone would like to join in for the challenge, the fun, the support of the IBR riders please come along.

All of the bonus locations are in NSW. This is a flexible rally. Out of state riders can choose to start closer to the action. I won't be checking home addresses, this is all just practice anyway.

Add your name to the list to get on board:


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Sounds a good concept Ox, well done to you and Tiger IBA Bill for arranging it.

LTP and I are not able to come along (a bit close to another ride we have planned) for the fun but it would be great to see as many as possible to enter and have a crack.

Good luck to the IBR entrants, have fun with the practice. :)


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If anyone would like to do this as a virtual rally for practice let me know. PM me your email address.

My idea for those that are doing the virtual rally is that I'll email out the files the same as for the real world participants. Planning can then be done via BaseCamp, Google Maps, paper, in-the-can GPS style, whatever. Then fill in the scoresheet with appropriate virtual times and distances for each bonus location; log fuel stops as per your own bike; take Google streetview screen shots for pics and as a last resort pics from the web generally for bonus locations that don't appear on Street view. Keep score. Text in the call-in bonus, too, if you like....

The planning is still the same as for a real rally.


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It is nice and handy location Ox. Ill Do some work on TK and see if we can just drop down there for a visit at some time over the weekend.
My bike has no more tyres left and I do need to get my DA finalised.
Great effort mate. Well done to you both.


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Thanks for taking this on Peter and Bill.
Family aka kids/grandkids coming from away to visit that Mom's Day weekend so precludes any thought of attending. Doubt if I'll have time but will try to have a squizz at the virtual.
PM on its way.
Good luck to all contenders!


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The riders are up and away. Its approaching midnight Friday here at rally HQ in Tamworth, I've just arrived in the Rally Ute, complete with ramp, rack and tie downs just in case. Just in case Gatey, TK and I go bike shopping here in town tomorrow.

Here's a few stock pics of Big Things that have been picced so far:

One of the SPOTs is not spotting, but hopefully can be fixed in the morning.


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Fantastic Pics Ox.
TK and I eventually woke up the bike shopping traps yesterday and perhaps I should have let you know ITS a bit cold just now. Sorry mate.
Up side? well tomorrow we, TK his wife Laura and my better half are meeting in Bingara for a simple catch up and lunch. It comes with a very special twist. One of those right place right time things.
A new and already close friend and her son will be our special guests. Its after all mothers day tomorrow and well our mate has had a bit of a hard time of late and her young boy does his best to keep the spirits up. So we are off for a catch up and a share of a Mothers Day.

I do believe I passed SimonB about mid-morning today.

Martin Little

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Wow what a weekend! Bec and I had hoped for a real test of our rally routing and riding routine and we got it for sure!

An as an added bonus we got to visit cool places and add more to our long list of places to go back to visit. A full ride report will follow but as a preview......
1) We wanted to make sure we tested our coding and routing routine followed by actually riding the plan. MIssion accomplished
2) Our plan for riding time for the IBR will be off the road by 10:00pm and back on by 4:00am. Didn't quite achieve this but we are comfortable we can do it.
3) We wanted to have the odd curve ball to deal with and we got that for sure. A Garmin moment (when the GPS tried to send us down a gravel road in the dark) was dealt with correctly/a roo strike on Saturday night in the dark was managed and dealt with, backed up by -4.5 degree start to Sunday morning which was the hardest part of the ride. It was cold!
4) Work commitments meant we we working right up to 5:00pm Friday and had to be back in Sydney by 4:00pm Sunday. Try switching from work mode to rally mode to work mode. Mission accomplished.

Big accolades to Simon Bell who rode the Rally and looked really on track and in the groove everytime our paths crossed.

Last and by no means least many many thanks to Rally Master Ox for his efforts in pulling the Rally together and then gently pushing and encouraging everyone during the two days. I learnt some more new tricks to add to the long distance and rallying repertoire. Thanks again Ox! Bec and I really appreciate what you did.