BMW GSA Lowered foot pegs


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When I bought my GSA a year ago I immediately fitted a Low Sargent seat, mostly for the greatly improved comfort compared to the original brick like one but also to help paddling the bike around. I'm 5' 11" but it's still a tall bike.

The only downside is that my knees are still quite high as my butt is closer to the foot pegs. After a lot of miles this still makes my knees and right hip ache (probably an after effect from my broken pelvis).

I bit the bullet and splashed out on a set of SW-Motech adjustable foot pegs for around £80. They can be set at their standard height or lowered by 15mm. They also come with a removable rubber insert which I'll use as this helps with the vibes and stops my boot soles getting chewed up.

I had the BMW rubber inserts fitted to my OEM pegs but now these new ones are fitted they are still 30mm lower and although this doesn't sound like much it now feels far more relaxed. Only time and miles will tell if this a big improvement but it will certainly help :)

The pivot bit is made from anodized aluminium and the main peg part is cast stainless steel.

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