Brit Butt Light VIII - 2016 - Dragonchaser - 23rd July 2016


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So, here's a lesson.

IF :

1. AutoRoute is telling you that you can't ride your planned route in the time available ; and
2. Basecamp is telling you that you can't ride your planned route in the time available ; and
3. Your Garmin 660 is telling you that you can't ride your planned route in the time available ; and
4. Your Garmin 590 is telling you that you can't ride your planned route in the time available

then why are you surprised when you planned route goes "tits-up" barely 2 hours into the rally ?

Lol !!!



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Looking forward to reading some rally stories.

Fingers crossed that the op goes well, Iain, and that you're back on the bike soonest.
Yes, congratulations Dave, Gerald, Stefan. Well done. Well done everybody actually.

John, I don't understand (nothing unusual there then) but what was different in this rally as opposed to others. Surely you've created routes before that have had to be modified in order to allow enough time to finish? What was it that made you continue with the plan if planning identified it couldn't be done without modification? Really like to know what you eventually understand the issue was.

Thanks for all kind wishes re me getting better, much appreciated. However, just had a pre-op briefing with surgeon and I may have been a tad too optimistic re riding Iceni rally. The op is going to involve metalwork and after plaster for six weeks I will be in plastic boot for similar duration and he doesn't believe I'll be riding a bike for at least three months. Right this moment finding it hard to follow advice in my last post and am grumbling quite considerably. Now I am really worried about keeping my job, but will have to cross each bridge as and when and not get too hung up on things in the meantime. lucky, Iain


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Is it your gear changing foot or your braking foot, Iain?

If it's the gear changing one, maybe an automatic or a scooter would be the way back.


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To that list, John could have added:

5. If the other riders are telling you that you can't ride your planned route in the time available; and,
6. The Rallybastard adds a twist that means, even if you ride the route as planned, you will be DNF, then

It ain't going to work!

It's the gear foot but won't be able to put any weight on it either. Just this minute been told by doctor that op is postponed as my ankle is too swollen, driving me nuts

John Young

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Iain - I have a set of parameters built into my planning programs and a method to my route planning in general. They have served me well and I know that they work - three wins, a second, three thirds and a fourth in my last eight rallies would seem to confirm that

This time, I changed them all to see if I could ride a route that, as I said earlier, everything was telling me was impossible.

Well it was ...... Lol !!

Everything has been reset to how it was before now again .....

However, what was really useful to me was to see that even when the plan collapsed (and it was very early in the rally), I was able to "plan on the hoof" and still achieve a half respectable score.

Nevertheless, yesterday 3 riders planned and then rode better than I did which is why I finished where I did.

I always enjoy reading the "if, buts and maybes" that riders write after the rally, but that doesn't really apply to me here. I was the master and architect of my own misfortune. The buck stops here on this one
Hi John,

I figured you must have changed the parameters bit needed you to confirm that was the case. LOL

I don't have any of the planning software as I don't have a suitable laptop but try n get an overview on a map to get an idea of viable routes then do plan on the hoof, and I know that I am getting better and better.

Not gonna be on the road for a while but will look forward to catching up with you eventually.

Be lucky and regards to Sonia, Iain.


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Now then Iain me old son what have you been doing? Sorry to hear that but get well soon and do as they tell you not what you think is best.

Catch you soon and take care(bit later for the take care bit) Coxy.