Brit Butt Rally 26/28 May 2017


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Hi Dave, that would be really nice to meet up and have a chat. Would you like to pick a place, and a date to meet?
I work Mon to Fri, so any weekend is good. It would help with my practice/ route planning to come to you.
Thank you so much.

Re: Owls reply: I have another sat navy on order. What's the best picture repair kit? What's the pros and cons of putting "goop" in your tyres?
Thanks to all for your advice

I always carry two different types of puncture repair kit - gummy strings and plugs, ready for most type of punctures. The important thing is to have a means of inflating the tyre afterwards. Small compressor does it for me, being of the lazy persuasion.

I used to put goop in the tyres, but have no idea whether it worked as I had no punctures during its use. Either lucky, or it worked without me knowing.

John Broom

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Thanks for that. I have found a puncture repair kit, c/w mini compressor, plugs and goop. £23 on eBay from M&P I think. Will get it after xmas, once back to work. Bike is still on the road, had a nice ride out on Christmas morning.


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I know Holbeach, I pass it regularly on my way to friends in Hull. Tesco's Cheltenham is fine. Saturday 7th or Sun 8th, 1300? but I'm flexible.

John Broom

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Thanks for the info. Will have a go at he Iceni this year. I have completed a few RBLR 1000, only failing to finish once.
Catastrophic front tyre failure on the A9, south of Inverness
The tyre was a Continental Road Attack. A strip, approx 25cm long, by 2cm wide, peeled off the centre of the tyre. Fortunately, we had just got straight after overtaking 3 coaches. The tyre deflated so quick, the rim sat on the rubber. There's a lay by every half mile on the A9, so I just rolled in, managing to stay upright, 2 up.
Hello and Happy New Year all.

Please could I check the start/finish times of the rally? Is it Saturday morning to sunday arvo?



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In a few weeks we will be fixing numbers and ordering the teeshirts.

Stop sitting on the fence and enter or you will l miss out on the goodies.

Fancy a challenge... Pick your own route to visit as many bonus locations in the rally book as you wish.
Ride new roads, see things you have never seen before.

Have an experience of a life time and then spend hours talking about it in the bar on sunday night with like mineded souls.

Go on ENTER. You will have an incredible experience