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More villages on what seemed like the hottest days of the year so far - oil temp light going berserk but finished a few more villages
Zeals 45D A Bish.JPG Yarnbrook 45A A Bish.JPG Yatesbury 45B A Bish.JPG Yatesbury 45B v2 A Bish.JPG Yapton 43A A Bish.JPG Yateley 19A A Bish.JPG Yattendon 03A A Bish.JPG


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I found a way to make them smaller so now i can upload them


First time taking part in a Britbutt tour. Did a full day ride to the West Country to visit the 11 villages in photos.
Had the same problem as Mike Smith with photo files being too large so have put a link to my album.
Will make a earlier start next year now I know about this event.

Link to Britbutt album


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HI Everyone
We have a new competitor Pete Brown, great to hear from you.
It's been rather quiet over the last few week. Everyone must be on holiday.
Listed below current standings. Ant issues please email [email protected]

1 Gordon Sears 111
2 John Cox 111
3 David Parker 1
4 John Cunniffe 0
5 Kim Leeson 99
6 Jon Parsell 14
7 Robert Hook 0
8 Ray Ward 0
9 Andy Bish 22
10 Martin Grafton 0
11 Martin Buck 20
12 Martin Harries 48
13 Darren Forster 1
14 Michael J Smith 72
15 Chris Jordan 8
16 Brian Eccles 11
17 Wulstan Melling 0
18 Paul Harrison 0
19 0
20 Pete Brown 11
Latest pictures ...... the people at New Cockhill Farm Yelsted were very nice and asked if more people were on the way. Also in a trip to Yeovilton I forgot my sign so I had to improvise for the rest of the day... must be age :cool:

22B Yorkletts.JPG 22B Yelsted.JPG 22A Yalding.JPG 18B YATE.JPG 36E Yeovilton.JPG 36D Yeovil.JPG 14A Yetminster.JPG 36C Yenston.JPG


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It's been too long since I got any more of these ticked off. Took the trip to Norwich for FJRPilot's birthday bash to get these four...
5A - Yaxley.JPG
5A - Yaxley

27A - Yaxham.JPG
27A - Yaxham

27B - Yelverton.JPG
27B - Yelverton

29C - Yarwell.JPG
29C - Yarwell