Brit Butt Tour 2018


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Hi Wully,

I'd like to be on 7 - but I'm not. At the time you wrote this, I had a grand total of one; I suspect the other six belong to whichever other Martin has the forum name of ~Martin~.

Martin Buck
Hi - yes I have 9, will resend them with the checkpoint numbers ~Martin~


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Entry is now open for the 2018 Brit Butt tour which will use the 2017 rally bonuses.
The only requirement will be to visit the village and take a picture of something with that name on it.
This is your chance to have an excuse to ride somewhere.
For the entry fee of £20 you will be sent electronically the 2017 Brit Butt Rally book and bonus locations. During 2018 you visit as many or as few bonuses as you can. Every entrant will get a certificate recording how many locations they have visited.

Full details can be found on the Iron Butt Association UK website

If you are are going to try any of our rallies for the first time this is a good way to practice routing and timings
My first three visits from Thursday,Youlton (28G),Yarm (28B) and Yafforth (28A)
(Yarm and Yafforth on separate posts)

Only joined on Wednesday and it was freezing on Thursday so hopefully the photos and flag will be a bit more inventive in future???


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Went around Shropshire and Staffordshire this morning dodging the snow showers
Forgot to get my flag out for this one – if admin reject it I will have to go again hopefully when it’s a bit warmer 35B YOCKETON MIKE SMITH (14).JPG