Brit Butt Tour 2021


I busted the Dams..
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Just what Rob and Martin said above... all subject to approval by Wully of course! Here are a few photos..


Hi fellow Brit Butt Tour'ers
Well that's me done, went down to Swansea to do number 03 on Saturday, and also finished off the RBR land marks. (83 this year)
Doing the 2 rallies together has given me some great rides.
See you at the RTE on the 25th.
stay safe
Regards Bob


Brit Butt Tour Admin.
Busy weekend
Considering how difficult this years BBT is it's nice to see that so far 6 of you have so far completed the tour. Well done.
Still more then 6 weeks till the tour ends how many more of you will complete the tour and visit all checkpoints.

Please check below, if my score does not tally with yours then email me "[email protected]".

I haven't been able to ride recently having broken my arm which stopped me going to Scotland and South.

Remember the object of the Tour is to practice your Rally procedures, so it's ideal to practice submitting your checkpoints on your smartphones.

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