Byron Bay to Birdsville n back


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What a an great run with some interesting challenges , slow traffic around Lismore Byron , some winding hills , long straight western runs that get funky with roos at night, 500 odd kays of dirt, and fuel was a challenge with no Aux tank which sapped some time using Jerry cans.

It wasn't as tight as Spot looked as I got a docket in the main street after the lighthouse visit at 12:00pm and the finish docket had 11:30am.

Your right TJ I was using all the time I had, timing the run from a long way out to leave Goondiwindi at 6:30am giving me 5 hours and a 30 minute buffer. I actually left at 6:35am and finished at 11:30am , happy with that.

I chose this route mainly because it was longer and more interesting but also looking for less traffic at night to manage the roos which is a big part of this ride. I used a ROO Forward Under Cowl Kinetic Electronic Repeater similiar to Fatmans Roo Transmitting Electronic Device.

Thanks for the comments and support I was happy to be able to share the link which probably stopped me going into the bar at Birdsville forgetting the return leg. LOL