CC50 Planning- 2020 Crossing

Just did my IBA 2000/48 in 44 hrs on 9/11 week this past 2018.

Now it's time to plan for the next challenge, a CC50, but not going to subject my wife to the torture until I give her a 2 year break.

I live on Long Island so I'll take my Atlantic Ocean water sample around the Statue of Liberty near Fort Lee, NJ.
I've got my sister in Berkeley, CA so, bottom of her hill right off of Rte 580, at the Royal Coffee House in Emeryville, CA is where I'll get my Pacific Ocean water sample.

Here's a link:

Here's a map below ~~~ yeah, I know, it's not Jacksonville to San Diego by any means.

Estimated Time: 43 hours, 2,894 miles using the high route.

I'll need at least 2, two hour naps while in route.

Is this doable?




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A 67 MPH overall average means your moving average is...quick. Really quick.

My JAX -> SDO 50CC was done in a bit over 43 hours. Overall average speed is 55 MPH. Take the six hours of rest out of that, and the average is in the 65 MPH range.

As you know, you are adding an additional 500 miles to the typical distance. They don't call that "50CC the Hard Way" for nothing. ;)

I'm pretty certain that I would not be able to hang with that kind of pace.

Luck to you!!
I guess anything is possible if you ride fast enough long enough. But...keep in mind some of the cities you will be going through. First is getting out of the New Jersey area. Then Toledo, then the Chicago area that can kill the best laid out plans. Next is Davenport/Moline, then Des Moines, then Omaha and Salt Lake City is no picnic and then you have Reno and the California traffic to contend with at the end of your ride. Then add about 15 gas stops of approx. 10 minutes each that will burn at least a couple hrs. I think you would have to be very aggressive to make it. That's not to say it isn't possible, I'm just agreeing with kwthom that I probably couldn't keep up that kind of pace, especially with the limited sleep you have planned.
Good Luck
Dave Bourdeaux


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Doable yes, several have done that or a similar route. Possible for you, it depends on many issues including traffic, weather, and your stamina.