Certifications Right Now???


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To expand on my rather terse reply about, this is what Mike sent me:

We understand no one wants to be told to do, and even if you have the
argument that you will bring gloves for gas pumps and/or cleaner to
wipe them down and not interact with anyone, our friends in the
medical community are telling us (effectively), you do NOT want to be
in a hospital right now. While having an accident is probably
statistically not likely this is just when odd things happen. So I
did ask, while we are out there riding remotely, are rural hospitals
impacted? The overwhelming answers ostly they funnel much more
than a broken arm or leg to larger city-based hospitals which if not
already overrun are gearing up to deal with Covid-19 patients.

Reports from riders last week (before a lot of the business close
orders) are also saying that if you hit bad weather, there is no
where to shelter right now. Many states have closed Rest Stops (some
have opened them back up for truckers at least - but that still
leaves you out in the cold). Even truck stops are mostly closed for
any kind of sheltering and of course you can't legally ride in CA,
OR, WA, IL, OH and most of the Northeast and even more than we can
track right now. Many of our favorite stops for bathrooms have
closed them to the public, even normally dependable McDonald's have
closed many restrooms.

And finally, breaking down on the road is going to leave you stranded
as most motorcycle shops are closed starting today in most areas.

It is really time to hunker down and stay close to home and ride another day.


If you have completed a ride through today, I would get it submitted
as soon as possible. For everyone else, Mike's message is pretty
clear, this is a time to stay close to home and save the big rides
for another day.


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...posted elsewhere, but sharing this here as well.

March 2020 miles: 20-ish.
April 2020 miles (so far) 180-ish.

Uh, yeah, I *have* been off my bike for a couple of weeks - but is that simply not long enough?

Observations I made on yesterday's ride here in sunny southern Arizona:

- Local and state police were out; with the traffic about 25% of what it would be on a normal weekday out on the Interstate, they were actively pulling over drivers. The traffic I saw @ 10:30am local time on a weekday is what a Sunday morning at 8am might look like, so it's all deceiving to just look at the traffic and know what's going on.

- Still a substantial number of motorhomes/pick-up trucks & travel trailers with out-of-state plates out and about. Typically, April would be the month that 'snowbirds' would begin to take flight & head back home. Perhaps what I saw was the first wave of this happening.

- Commercial vehicles...looks like the numbers of these hasn't changed a lot...

My route took me to a road that has about 8 miles of twisties (not very) in 18 miles. Half of it was chip-sealed with oil-fog applied. This extinguished any hope for any sort of a 'spirited' ride, even if it was dialed down to 5/10ths.

Does this ride hold me over for the next four weeks? I still have a plan for an IBA ride. With the weather as it's been, it probably would have been a fantastic time to have done one, but it won't be an April ride. It may not be a May ride, either.

The bike will be parked for a couple of weeks, with other things to keep me busy - at least.


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It is rumored that if you do a SS100 that the IBA would not certify you, is this true???
I think Ira's first response was incorrect. I rarely would choose to disagree with Ira and consider him a personal friend.

That said, I am confident that if you do an SS100, you would be about 900 miles short of any ride the IBA would certify, so technically, the IBA would not certify you if you did an SS100 now or at any other time. ;)