Christmas Ride to Eat to Calais


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Me and Pete Churchill will probably be coming along to this.

Which Ibis do you stay at ? And is there secure parking ?
Yes ibis style which is just over the road and parking is secure in compound at the rear of hotel 12 ft wall and gates so bikes safe we all park in one corner normal no charge

John Young

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Okay - myself and Pete are off to Arnhem on Friday so will not be stopping in Calais on Friday but we'll see you for lunch on Saturday

Is it the same place as last year ?

John Young

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Oh you mean about Arnhem !!! Oh yes, I've been loads of times. It's Pete C who hasn't been before - hence why we're going there

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Hi new to forum thanks phill for adding me met some of you at Andorra and rode down to Alicante with Collin and Gordon count me in for Calais will be there Saturday morning cheers


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Any more for Any more ?
Calais RTE and weekender Fri/Sat 8th/9th December.
The hotel Ibis Styles ( that we are using if you wish to stay for the Friday and or Saturday night) still has vacancies but only on the Hotel website directly. shows full but there are spaces.
Why not end the year in style :eek: with a weekend that has proved really popular over the last 3 years. With over 16 riders already booked this should be a good one.
If you want to just come along to the Saturday RTE that's fine as well.
Enjoy a few beers and cracking food in like minded company !.
See you all there.


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Just copied Ziggys route planner for the IBA Xmas Calais event.
No need to fuel up before setting off and all bonus locations are easy to find.
Red = Hotel Ibis Styles Calais
Yellow = Family Pub
Blue = Going to Pub Friday/Saturday & Return Sat Night to Hotel

Orange = Friday Night Walk to Late Bar
Light Blue = Friday Night Walk/Stagger or crawl back to Hotel

GPS & Spot Tracker setup just in-case I get lost.
What can possibly go wrong ? !

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