closing date approaching - late applicants - non applicants


The closing date for this Muster is fast approaching with registration closing in 4 days (as of posting this). There have been no applications to bring along a new rider as of yet.

In line with the rules for this ride:
Ride submissions are to be submitted no later than one week after the registration closing date. No late ride submission will be accepted by the IBA. A rider in this situation will need to submit their ride submission through the normal process to IBA after the completion of the ride.
Should we accept a late Muster application, then the rider will need to submit their ride submission after completion of the ride and through the normal process for verification.
Please remember.....2. Riders and Pillions are to register through Ride Master . No other registration process will be accepted. Only riders and Pillions that complete this process will be able to participate. Registration and Certification fees – Rider $AU80 and Pillion $AU20. We expect all our riders to honour this arrangement and do the right thing by those who have followed this process.
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