Compass Gold

I am considering doing the Compass Gold again this year. This time, will just head off and do it before saying anything to anyone :) I think the longest day of the year will be ideal


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The Compass Gold ride is my favourite Ireland Cert ride. With the variety of roads ridden during the ride and some great scenery along the way the ride is made somewhat more interesting with some little interesting destinations now and then to look at least I think.

Now the 32 county......:eek:


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My favourite also. East is easy in the dark. North (Malin Head) is not easy in the dark but is easier than the South & West, which are definitely best in daylight. Longest day would be no problem. I'll show you my route to see if it helps.


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My route. Malin Head at 3am in October, with horizontal wind, trying to take pictures, or even stay upright, was a .......challenge!


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I think this was my most efficient route but it will be different for everyone depending to where you start. I took a half hour break at each point.


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I thoroughly enjoyed my Compass Gold ride last September, even Malin Head in the dark and heavy rain didn't dampen my spirits, although taking the picture was fun. Looking forward to my 32 County challenge in July.