Cool covers


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Hi all
Had a lovely ride down to Chepstow today for my final RBR LM in Wales, and called in to Ledbury to buy a cool cover.
My sargent seat is a low fit and they didn't have one in stock, so they made one while I waited.
Within 45mins it was made, fitted and paid for and I was on my way home...…. What brilliant service, and it works, my rear end was cooler than on the way down sat on the sheepskin.
Ride safe
Regards Bob
I've been riding with one for a couple of months now and wish that I had found out about them sooner. It doesn't add much to the seat height, in the rain you don't get that sensation of sitting on a wet seat and it definitely makes for a more comfortable ride here in summer time NE Florida temperatures.

Quick delivery to Florida from the UK - at a good price, too.
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