dam this technology

Went out for a little spin on the bike today around 50 miles in some where in yorkshire and my sat nav jumped of its mount !!!! oops darn thing had pulled the bolts out of the mount. just up the road i know there's a carpark to an attraction so i limp into there. close inspection reveals the plastic all cracked around the bolts with bits missing. had some epoxy resin under the seat so mixed it up and around 15 minutes later all is back in one piece.

set off again and for some reason the sat nav no longer talks to me after much fiddling decided it wasn't the sat nav at fault but the stupid headset had packed in, in sympathy with the sat nav. no amount of fiddling prodding and poking would restore it. had the headset for a long time and it has been gaffa taped for several years now. so it looks like i need to buy a new head set.

so advice guys the one i've got is a scala rider(Bluetooth), its quite old now so which one do you recommended don't need a radio or pillion chat just has to link to my sat nav may even try and link the phone up to it but that isn't something i've done before


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I recently upgraded from a Scala Rider QZ to a Packtalk Bold. The QZ is sitting in a cupboard doing nowt so you are welcome to have it (for a donation to British Legion). Live in North Yorks.......

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I know some riders like being told when to turn, I prefer to enjoy the silence (plus wind) and my thoughts than listen to being told when to turn. I have a job that tells me what to do weekly, not that I listen to them either.
If I miss a turn, no worries, I'll find an alternative that might even be better or more interesting or challenge my thinking/riding/planning on the fly...of course with 3 satnavs, it's kinda hard not to notice one of them throwing it's toys out...to each his own.
strangely i miss mrs tom tom telling me i've gone the wrong way . scala qz sounds ok how the **** do we get in touch last time there was a button for personal messages i'm looking??


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I'm just impressed that you carry epoxy resin. Like Kim I prefer not to have voice prompts and have discovered A LOT of alternative routes as a result :rolleyes:
not just epoxy resin - superglue - magic metal putty - various tapes - wire - bailing string - spares - puncture stuff and tools etc
and thats just under the seat. i've often said you can temporary fix most things at the side of the road although the tomtom looks good to go as now is.

its quicker than you think once you've done it a time or two.

my latest acquisition is a special mushroom tyre patch you have to pull the tyre of to do it but had two punctures now that just would nor fix with the standard string even after putting multiple strings in the same hole hole just kept growing but the tyre was in a bad way and on its last legs. these things have a 37mm coverage so should get round that if i find myself in the situation again