Dambusters Home Run?


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I was going to attempt the Dambusters run back in March but having only covered 50 miles on a (new to me) bike in the months coming up to the run decided it was not a good idea......

The weekend of 18th May seemed a possibility. I could get Friday off work but really needed to be back home Sunday morning. So thought I would try something slightly different. The plan was to ride to Calais on Friday - set off from Calais 5.30am Sat, Steenbergen, the dams and then back up to Scampton and finish the run North of Scampton.

Stayed at the Hotel Particulier Richielieu (its quirky but its cheap and its a Safari Ferg recommendation). It has a private secure car park and on arrival went straight to the car park and got the front wheel stuck in the gutter and side stand would not go down due to the camber. So had to mount the kerb and park the bike temporarily blocking the pavement whilst I got the owner to unlock the door. If you use that hotel just be careful of the gutter and the camber of the side street. Had a bit of a scout around and noticed an ATM just along the road and several others round the corner - perfect for starting receipt.

5.30ish went downstairs as quietly as I could (not easy with wooden stairs and motorcycle boots). Unlocked the bike loaded panniers etc unlocked car pack gate, move bike, relock car park gate and it was 5.48 by the time I got to the ATM. A couple of missed turns, a dodgy u-turn, a fuel stop (filling at Calais would easily give enough to make Steenbergen) and I was on my way....

Satnav took me off the A40 at Aalter. I remember it well because the road the sat nav wanted me to take was under construction and after going round the various roundabouts (also under construction) several times looking for a way back onto the A40 - I give up and picked a road that looked like it was heading north (it turned out to be the right one luckily). Got to Steenbergen petrol station without any mishaps - filled with fuel (almost forgot receipt), took a wrong turn coming out and then promptly got lost in a housing estate (but it was a very pleasant housing estate). It was a maze - the sat nav gave up and without me realising skipped to the next waypoint (Westfalen). It was about 6 miles down the road I realised something was amiss and turned around and found the cemetery (don't know how I missed it - its only 50 metres away from the petrol station!).

The slog to the dams was long one or two traffic jams on the autobahns which slowed things down. Passed a fuel station with about 70 miles range left thinking, I will get the next one. With 44 miles range left in the tank saw a sign indicating petrol was 36km away which was cutting it a bit fine so had to throttle back a bit.

Got to Westfallen after 2.30pm and realised time was slipping quite badly. Quick photo stop at Edersee (packed with bikers out on a sunny day), nice ride to Sorpesee and Mohne again a very quick photostop. It was nearly 6pm and satnav was indicating a 10.22 arrival at the tunnel and my train was booked for 8.20. Got there about 10.20 but had to pay a 15 Euro supplement and the next train was not until 11.41. The run was still achievable.....

Unfortunately, back in blighty we had bloody fog all the way from London to Lincoln (I hate fog) - with visibility down to about 50 metres in some places and my speed dropping accordingly. It seemed to take forever to get to Lincoln. I was tired, I was cold, I was damp, I was aching but used precious time to stop to put on my heated jacket and cheered up a bit - oh the joys of Iron Butt! Got to Scampton (photo taken) about 4.40 European time so that gave me about an hour to get the extra mileage and find a petrol station. Fortunately the fog disappeared after Scampton and I made it to Doncaster (M18 North) services for 5.24am European time (1094 miles covered).

Now to sort out the paperwork - hopefully the "committee" will approve this as a Dambusters run......or at least as a SS1000 :)

Kim Leeson

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Steve, what exactly was the purpose of re-posting Aitch's ride report without comment?! enquiry minds would like to know what's in the water your drinking in Brighton?? ;) Or is it to bring it to the top of the page again, to bring attention, just curious...


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I was called Wingliider first which was a typo error on my part.
Then after several years of trying to put it right Phil changed it for me to Winglider which is correct and after so much effort over so many years.


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I was called Wingliider first which was a typo error on my part.
I'm confused now. Did you used to be Wiinglider, as it says below your avatar, or Wingliider as you say above? If both, which came first?
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Not yet but it's going on ebay very shortly, if anyony is interested send me a PM.
But even if I sell the wing I will still be called Winglider.
Phil now rides a Triumph but is still called Fazer Phil :p:p