DD1000(1) Ride to eat to Wollongong

Frans, is it all right if I ride 9.2 klms/ 12 mins for this. Last of my night shift Saturday night so need to be at work 7 pm.
Maybe I can get the prize for shortest distance?
Well Frans, I am well and truly p****ed off. My nice helpful NUM has stuffed me over and I can no longer make even this short distance, also messed up a trip to Victoria next month that I had made a point of asking for !
Not happy, so am going on a bike trip by myself somewhere far away to clear my head on Wed straight after night shifts.
Will go South West or North and just ride. Feel like just keeping going and not coming back but can't do that to my significant other.
The Muster will be done even if I take leave without pay.


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Thanks again for the invite Frans but there is no way that I can get leave from work that weekend. For some reason, that's a popular weekend for several on my crew and they are all locked and loaded in the leave roster well ahead of myself. I hope that you all have a great weekend.


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We is the toughest there is.
now I have to do the small tent thing, since my swag carrying spot on the bike will have a kid sitting in it.


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Hi Frans, my bike is off the road for a little while (repairs from last ride, dam)
So, if it is OK, I'll drive down the hill.

I know I'm getting soft (I'll bring enough cardboard for all :D)


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Frans what a fantastic night! Man you can cook a decent BBQ and we didn't even put a hole in your bar! Thanks again for great fellowship and a fantastic weekend mate