Death Knock


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Just had the urge to knock this off before the bell tolled on 2017

I haven’t been west over the hill on a run for a long time. Generally I would take the Bell road. Whatever the reason it takes a while to clear Sydney this way and I try to avoid it. Lots of speed zones and single lane stuff. I got a start docket at 0541 and followed the GPS out. No traffic to speak of and pulled into the Maccas at Lithgow for a couple of hash browns cause I was hungry, that would be the case all day as it happened. Corner docket in hand and heading west for Cowra down the Mid-Western. Top day for a ride.
Got a docket in town and headed south down the Olympic Hwy heading for Wagga.

Many of us have been to this location before.

Then stopped in Coota to have a look at the house where Don Bradman was born.

Just cruising south on a crystal clear day, this is the old pub at Bethungra

Stopped again in Junee, I think I prefer this pic at night

Rolled in to Wagga behind schedule got fuel on the outskirts of town and headed across to Narrandera. Made a right here and headed north on the Newell for Parkes. Warmish but uneventful riding just watching the world go by. Some food and a full tank of gas in town and turned west for Bogan Gate. Got a little mucked about here as the road to Tottenham was closed and the detour had me heading west for another 10 klms or so before turning north east for Trundle on the dirt, spiced things up a bit.

Nice easy run north in the late afternoon, still about 30 degrees but pleasant. A docket from the pub and heading due east out of town with the sun directly behind me.

Stopped in Dubbo for my last fuel stop for the day and managed to give myself a nasty burn on the hand when the pie I was eating exploded, dropped all my dockets in a puddle of watery diesel as well. Spent the next 10 mins cleaning it all up. Ah well these things are sent to try us, as my old mum would say. This the last pic for the day.

From here it was the Golden Hwy heading east in the failing light. Managed to get through Merriwa without any altercations with skippy and pulled into the servo at Wittingham for a bit of a break and a coffee. That just left the last 200 klms on the freeway, which passed in no time and I pulled in to the same servo as the start at North Rocks at 0230 for a finish docket.

Start : North Rocks ,0541 ,30/12/17 ,Odo 94576
Finish : North Rocks ,0230 ,31/12/17 ,Odo 96188
Distance : 1612 klms odo
1658 klms gps

The wheel change is affecting the milage count on the odo, gonna have to find a solution.
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Nice little run Scott, there's a little route flexibility in a 1600 and I envy you just being out there watching the world scroll by.


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What a great way to spend the last few hours of the "old" year Scott! Another great outing with the excellent report and photos to match the effort!


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Great ride there Scott, really enjoyed the pics and those exploding pies, you never expect em. Well done with the 1600!