Had a test ride today on a 17 plate BMW 1200 RT 50 odd miles round trip as much as i like my GS i fancied a bit more comfort
so about half way round i had said yes then got back to the dealers common sense took over.
To buy this bike i have de-farkle the GS and sell the bits and sell the bike and then get the new bike to my taste at not inconsiderable expense honestly i cant be arsed so unless the currant steed has a major fire/blown engine/gear box i am keeping the 'unstoppable round the world adventure bike' :rolleyes:
It's a shame as that RT is a cracking bike.


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Personally I agree the liquid cooled RTs needs a fair bit of farkling - lower seat pegs, grip puppies, comfier seat, more weather protection for the lower pegs.....the 14 to 16 ones have had reports of failed alternators which entails engine and gearbox removal :eek: