DHTS Rally. Team Piwi Ride Report_Photos

Martin Little

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This is more of a photo montage than a ride report but as they say a picture tells a 1,000 words...

Our first bonus 20 minutes from the start....and it was wrong! The text answer said N, so we resolved to come back at the end to try again...

The second bonus (dam) seemed to take way too long to find....if only I knew what was to come!

It was a nice ride up into the Hunter...things were going to plan

The Laguna Bonus in the Hunter was interesting, plus we saw Jeff the Chef there too!

Speaking of Jeff the Chef, here he is photo bombing at Kulnurra

The things I have to do.... Windsor was worth some good points!

And this dam took even longer to find...but the sun was shining and we were out riding!

Collecting this bonus took longer than planned but the ride in and out of Wyangala was sublime! We started to amend our planned route now

And this little sand patch on a "shortcut" meant a further amendment to the route

Heading north up the Newell....it was a beautiful night to be out. This bonus was an unplanned one, but literally 100 meters off route so we grabbed it

After a few hours rest (rest bonus) it was time to get those wheels turning! The stars were out as we motored northwards

On the Oxley Highway in glorious sunshine...what more could you want?

And this Bonus was one of the big points on offer....we checked this very carefully and had to take multiple photos

And we returned to Koorainghat to try again! Time to head for the barn!

Our last bonus photo of the rally, now for scoring!

We had our share of luck in finishing this rally, dealing with some tricky rerouting around dam locations meant making some hard decisions on the fly. The minor tumble in the sand could have been worse, we really had to regather ourselves, refocus and then 2 hrs later right on dusk on the Newell after having fueled up 10 minutes earlier the bike engine went into limp mode.....roll off the road, turn off the engine, pray and restart it and everything is normal again. To say that had us sweating on that night ride north is an understatement. Coming into rally finish were short on the required total distance so we had to do a few laps on the freeway, before finally rolled into the finish with 8 minutes to go before the penalty window opened. (we had planned on arriving about an hour earlier).

And the best part of the rally was to share it all with our fellow riders and pillions. The best of times! Thanks again to Annette, Bill, Ox and Shane for their hard work in pulling this all together!


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You two are as quick with your Roundup report as you were obtaining Bonus Locations at the weekend..:)

Good to see you both still smiling at the end. :D:eek:

Congratulations again Martin and Rebecca on coming in first spot, a top effort guys..


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Would have loved to have had a go at it, but the calibre of the competitors and their comments make me wonder if I would have DNF'd. :eek:
Hopefully next year's won't clash. It only did this year after the change of date. 18th to 27th Oct are out again for me next year.
It has been good looking at the SPOT tracks and reports. Looking forward to more reports.
Good on youse Kiwi and Piglet. Excellent that you had fun, and difficulties AND still beat them all.
Ah those hi-tech Beemers. Is that the 21st century version of drive failures?