Digital Submissions

What up fellow Mile Crushers!

What is the average time for digital submissions? I read digitally is supposed to be faster than snail mail but still may take up to 3 months...

I submitted my Saddle Sore 1K application at the end of June (June 26, 2019) and haven’t heard back yet. My bro whom I completed this ride with submitted via snail mail in August and just received full confirmation that his goodies are are their way.

Should I just resubmit everything via snail mail or is there a backlog ? Any and all suggestions are welcomed.

Thank you.


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I suspect you will see something soon as you are on the edge of the response window. Heaviest cert requests are around that time and there was an Iron Butt Rally this year too which consumed the volunteers and staff time. Did you get a response email when you submitted ? Perhaps Ira has more info.