Discounts for IBAUK Members


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10% discount using IBAUK as a Code

Get Geared
10% off all motorcycle gear just mention you are an Iron Butt UK member
Buy online or visit their shops in Leatherhead or Leeds

Taggisar® ICE Sticker. 20% discount
These simple stickers can be attached to anything you wear or carry with you (cycle helmet, phone, wallet, purse etc.) and in the case of an emergency the QR code can be read within seconds to give access to important information.
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Andy Whiteley

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Thats worth knowing, will be going to leeds Get Geared in the next month or two.
Only bunburner 3000 gold in the UK.. sounds like a challange to me lol.. .. just let me warm up to it a bit first lol
Getgeared are very generous in-store with their 10% discount, you can get it for being part of most groups, IAM etc, good to know there's another option to use, unfortunately you can't stack them up ;) Not sure you'd get the discount online without a code though.

Andy Whiteley

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Yep. I shop there quite a bit. Always ask them how much they can knock off. Would be nice if you could add up all the discounts. Only time I have bought online from gg was for my tom tom and that's because it was interest free over a couple of years. Theory being if you don't ask you don't get...